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Our hubs

The notion of the ‘Common Good’ is founded on the idea, that there are differences in society, differences of interests and beliefs, religious and secular, migrant and local as well as rich and poor. By celebrating and working alongside difference, we believe we can find ways to build a Common Good, to help communities thrive.


This requires spaces where people can come together, and that provide the foundations for a participative community. Our Hubs provide that space to build lasting solutions from the ground up.


Our Toc H Hubs are:


We create a thriving community in every area we work, united under a shared vision for the area. Toc H Hubs host a range of events, activities, and groups to bring together local communities.

Our Toc H Hubs are:

Based on dialogue, empathy and understanding

We understand that positive change happens when people listen to each other and feel understood. We actively encourage dialogue between different cultural and religious groups at our Hubs.


Our Toc H Hubs are:


We work alongside communities to co-deliver effective, sustainable support services to aid with the most pressing issues affecting local people. 


In some Hubs, we have shops that offer an exciting range of second-hand clothes, toys, and bric-a-brac at affordable prices. All surplus income from our shops is re-invested back into our core work and the local hub - contributing directly support your local community.

Our hubs

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