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The notion of the ‘Common Good’ is founded on the idea, that there are differences in society, differences of interests and beliefs, religious and secular, migrant and local as well as rich and poor. By celebrating and working alongside difference, we believe we can find ways to build a Common Good, to help communities thrive.


This requires spaces where people can come together, and that provide the foundations for a participative community. Our Hubs provide that space to build lasting solutions from the ground up.

building time at the hub


We have a range of volunteering opportunities across our Hubs and support services.


Our roles are flexible, varied and exciting - whether you are a people person, social media whizz or simply a good listener, we’d love to hear from you.


Get in touch with your local Hub to find out more 

TocH team member working in a TocH shop

Work for us

Sorry, there are no current vacancies.

Please donate

A £5 donation can help us be there for an isolated older person needing a cuppa and a chat, ensuring nobody feels lonely or forgotten.

A £10 donation helps us buy food for a community event, bringing together people of different faiths and backgrounds in friendship and togetherness.

A £50 donation helps us to provide a weekend’s accommodation and activities at our Weirside retreat for a young person experiencing mental health issues.

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