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Our Blackpool hub

Toc H, in partnership with St Peter’s Church, will use funding from Westhill to deliver two new weekly support sessions to homeless and vulnerably housed adults in Blackpool South Shore.

Soul Food

Thursdays - 12 to 2pm

Every week the group will be provided with a complimentary lunch alongside a guided discussion on the life of Jesus and what his journey can teach us in our lives today. 

The session will be facilitated by a specialist Christian community worker with experience in working with this community. It will encourage discussion and input from people attending and is educational in its approach.


‘Soul Food’ will offer strength and connection, building friendships and providing practical support where it is needed.

Participants will also be able to access practical support, including benefits and debt advice, foodbank

and addiction services.

That Friday Feeling

Friday's 1 to 3pm

Once a week the Church will host a creative session, free for local people to attend, led by a local artist. Attendees will be offered the chance to try their hand at a different craft each week, including pottery, drawing, poetry and music. 

Each week will be themed around a story from the Bible (with special sessions around Lent and Christmas) and participants will be guided to use that week’s artistic medium to express their response to the story. 

Over time attendees will create a mixed-media mural (see pictures below) in response to stories from the Bible. When complete, the mural will be hung at St Peter’s Church.

Mural 2 That Friday Feeling.PNG

St Peter's Church, 190 Lytham Rd, Blackpool FY1 6DJ

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