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A Pictorial Tour of Weirside Re-Born

Toc H Langdale known to many as Weirside is situated in the beautiful Langdale valley in the Lake District National Park and provides accommodation for 20 on a self catering and self cleaning basis. Owned by Toc H, a charity based on the principles of friendship, service, fair – mindedness and reconciliation it is available for hire.

It is particularly suitable for other charities or community groups such as youth or walking groups. It can only be hired as a whole and therefore is not suitable for individuals. Toc H’s purpose in owning Weirside is to provide a place that is affordable in an area of extreme beauty which is suitable for a wide range of activities including that of retreat. In the past it has certainly enabled inner city youngsters to experience all that goes with the area, including real darkness, seeing stars, climbing hills etc.

At the end of 2014 Toc H brought Weirside up to standard for groups with vulnerable people by providing separate leaders’ accommodation and facilities and upgrading it generally. With regret it was not feasible to make it wheelchair friendly.

A Pictorial Tour of Weirside Re-Born

Entering through the front door which has a coded lock is the entrance lobby with the drying room door opposite the front door. To the left is the inner door and as you enter that this is the view of the new staircase leading to the extended upper floor. It is slightly wider than the previous one and meets current fire regulations.

Standing at the bottom of the stairs on your right is the decluttered kitchen – the provision of storage space elsewhere allows plates etc to be stored in the dining/recreation room. The cooker has been serviced and it has 6 burners and a large oven. There are pots and pans and cooking utensils, a microwave and a large toaster, plus a large upright fridge, but currently no freezer.

Behind the staircase is the entrance to the downstairs dormitory which has four sets of bunks therefore sleeping eight. Each bunk is provided with a good pillow in a pillow protector, but users are asked to bring their own sleeping bag and pillow case.

Through that dormitory is the upgraded main washroom which has three basins two toilets and two new showers. The new water system at Weirside now means that it should be possible for as many people as want to have a warm shower without the water turning cold on them!

Up the stairs and looking to the left is a large landing which has created a social space with a couple of settees and coffee tables something which there simply hadn’t been room for pre the works. The three doors behind are storage cupboards, again something that was sadly lacking!

On the right hand side of the top of the staircase is the second dormitory, again with four sets of bunks and therefore sleeping 8.

Off that there is a small washroom with two sinks and a toilet. A shower has now been added at the far side of the toilet. Not the most convenient place but it is the only way to fit one in and does provide the dormitory its own shower.

Off the newly created landing are two additional bunkrooms to enable leaders of youth groups etc to meet Child Protection policies and to sleep in a different room. Each has been equipped with one set of bunks thus allowing each to sleep two and therefore increasing the total bed spaces to 20.

There is also a separate newly created shower room and toilet for these two rooms.

Previous visitors to Weirside may be delighted to know that the heating system has also been upgraded throughout and is now far more flexible. New velux windows and carpeting and anti slip flooring in certain areas as well as a change in colour scheme complete the upgrade. The outside is much the same and in need of a rebuild of the barbecue and a new picnic table or two — but all in good time!


Toc H needs to cover costs and keep the facility in good condition, but also wants to make it available to the groups it is intended for, particularly those with financial issues. Therefore it has currently (November 2020) been decided that:~

A. The premises can only be let as a whole regardless of how few people are resident.

B. Electricity and gas is included in the nightly cost

C. The premises must be left in a clean condition as no allowance has been made in the pricing for cleaning.

Given these factors it has decided on a price of £250 a night which equates to the cost of £10.50 per night per person if used at its maximum capacity. This is similar to the cost charged by local bunk barns which can be extremely basic and with few facilities. This remains the same throughout the year with no seasonal or premium rates during summer and bank holidays.

To encourage established community groups and charities they receive a discount of 25% making the charge £160 per night.

In order to encourage more use during the ‘working week’ an additional offer is made of 7 nights for the price of 5 providing that this does not impinge on two weekends.


The easiest way to check on availability is to look on our availability page or email an enquiry to info@toch.org.uk or to telephone 0121 44 33 55 2