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Premier of The Four Points of The Compass

Updated: May 3

We are very pleased to announce the Premier of ‘The Four Points of The Compass

Commissioned to commemorate the 100th anniversary of its birth, The Four Points of the Compass is a brand new presentation written by Peter Gill (Talbot House – a home from home) telling the story behind the formation, the construction and the ethos of the Toc H Movement.

Inspired by Talbot House, the ‘haven in hell’ in war torn Belgium where British troops of the Great War found solace through the enterprise and spirit of Rev. Tubby Clayton, Toc H became an internationally renowned movement that inspired, comforted and brought solidarity and friendship.

The light on the Toc H lamp has often flickered and threatened to extinguish, but it still glows and this uplifting story reminds us that there is still a place for Toc H in the modern world.

– Sadly these performances are on hold due to Covid 19 – they will resume when the arts can be enjoyed again.

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