Weirside - Terms & Conditions 

Pricing for 2022



A 25% deposit is required on booking and the full amount is due a month before the actual booking, it is only after receipt of that that the door entry code will be disclosed.



Either by cheque or bank transfer.  Payments are non-refundable should you need to cancel your booking.


Toc H insurance does not cover the property of centre users and we therefore recommend that you get insurance just as you would if you were holidaying abroad. Toc H does not accept responsibility for damages or loss including accident or injury resulting from the use of Weirside.



All Groups making bookings must include adults (over the age of 18yrs).

The person making the booking is considered to be responsible for the actions of the group.


Disabled access

We consider both the grounds and the building unsuitable for wheelchair access nor are there any specialised facilities.



Bookings are entered into on the understanding that the total number in the party does not exceed the sleeping capacity of Weirside which is 20 in two dormitories each equipped with four sets of double bunks and one set of double bunks in each of the leaders rooms.  Excess numbers will invalidate the booking which may be terminated immediately with no refund given.



Each bunk has a cleanable mattress and users will need to be equipped with their own sleeping bags.

Pillows in pillow protectors are also provided but it is essential in the interest of hygiene that users bring and use their own pillow cases. The blankets available are only to be used to supplement sleeping bags and are not intended as an alternative.



Due to the dormitory accommodation Toc H considers it unsuitable for children under 5 yrs of age.


COVID-19 safety - please clean and sanitise Weirside thoroughly before you leave.

It is essential that on leaving Weirside is left ready for the next user i.e. in a clean and tidy condition.

If on arrival you find the place is not in an acceptable condition please notify Toc H Central Office who will ensure that the group that left it in an unsatisfactory condition are contacted and Toc H may take the action that they are not allowed to use it again.

Cleaning equipment and products are supplied but should any of these have run out please notify us

Each group is responsible for supplying all towels (including tea towels) and toilet rolls.

At the end of your stay please remove all perishable food and clear the fridge.


Arrival/ Departure

In view of this requirement to leave the centre as you would wish to find it arrival may be any time after 16.00 on the first day and departure is due prior to 11.00 hrs on the last day of your stay.

Toc H has the right to ask any group whose behaviour is unacceptable to leave.



Please notify Toc H of any breakages, damage or repairs needed.


If possible please take your rubbish away with you or it may be put into the green wheelie bin if it is full or nearing full please let us know and we will make sure it is cleared (It will only be emptied once a week).

Further details will be found on site.

By following these terms and conditions Toc H hopes that Weirside will be a facility that is used and enjoyed by many diverse groups.