TOC H Weirside
Weirside, Chapel Stile, Ambleside, Cumbria, LA22 9JE


Toc H needs to cover costs and keep the facility in good condition, but also wants to make it available to the groups it is intended for, particularly those with financial issues. Therefore it has currently (November 2020) been decided that:

A. The premises can only be let as a whole regardless of how few people are resident.

B. Electricity and gas is included in the nightly cost

C. The premises must be left in a clean condition as no allowance has been made in the pricing for cleaning.


Given these factors it has decided on a price of £250 a night which equates to the cost of £10.50 per night per person if used at its maximum capacity. This is similar to the cost charged by local bunk barns which can be extremely basic and with few facilities. This remains the same throughout the year with no seasonal or premium rates during summer and bank holidays.


The easiest way to check on availability is to look on our availability page or email an enquiry to or telephone 0121 4433552