Weirside - Guidance for Party Leaders

Weirside Address

Weirside, Chapel Stile, Ambleside,Cumbria,LA22 9JE

Arrival and Departure

Please make sure the group has left before 11.00 on the morning of the departure.

Please do not enter Weirside until 16.00.  If you arrive before that time, feel free to park up and go off exploring. 


There is a number coded lock fitted to the front door. Details of the number applicable to your visit will be supplied upon receipt of the final payment. Having entered the correct code turn the latch clockwise. If an incorrect code is inadvertently entered, then turn the latch anticlockwise before entering the correct code.

Car Park

No one other than the party in residence is allowed to use the car park attached to Weirside. Please do not allow members of your party to swing on the gate or allow drivers to skid or accelerate excessively.

Fire Alarm

The system at Weirside is very delicate and expensive to service. Please ensure that no member of your party tampers with the system. It is there to save lives.

Fire Escape

From the upper dormitory, via the window to the flat roof onto the extending ladder and then to the ground level. From the lower dormitory, via the emergency door in the lower ablution block.


If used sparingly, it will help us to keep the costs down, (at present it accounts for 50% of our running costs).  Use the lights only when required and the porch and car park lights for loading and unloading. Switch OFF the heaters in the drying room when not required. Do not place anything on the heaters throughout the building, as this will cause a fire hazard The Ventaxia extractor fan in the kitchen should be treated with care and switched off when no longer required. If there appears to be a power failure, please check that there is not a general failure in the area of Chapel stile.


The heaters are individually adjustable please leave at least one in each area of the building, set to its lowest setting 5.0oC, if there is any possibility of outside temperatures falling to a point where water will freeze.

Hot Water

Please do not waste hot water. The shower cubicle outlets should be kept clear of all obstructions, particularly soap and hair, otherwise the floor can become slippery and dangerous.

The switches for the hot water heaters are on the left of the porch exit to base of stairs facing into the building. Please turn these off when leaving at the end of your stay.


Please discourage members of your party from putting graffiti on the walls or making holes in the plasterwork. Avoid putting hot pans or dishes etc. directly onto table tops. Please wipe the table tops with a damp cloth after use.

Use only hot water to clean the vinyl floor. DO NOT use bleach or detergent. Clean stains from the carpet immediately. 

Please leave the centre as clean and tidy as you would like to find it upon your arrival.

If you are not happy with the state of the premises, please photograph before you tidy/clean and contact Sam

Please deposit all rubbish in the wheelie bin or take it with you.

Please leave the fridge turned off and the door propped open on your departure.


There is sufficient cutlery and crockery for a party of up to twenty, stored in the wooden cupboard in the main room. Please keep the toaster, cooker, microwave oven, fridge, freezer and shelves clean.

A vacuum cleaner is provided, please use with care, if the cleaner appears not to be working check that it has been emptied and there are no obvious blockages.

Please ensure before you leave that all crockery, cutlery, pots and pans are carefully washed, dried and put away.


Toc H has for many years enjoyed good relationships with the residents of the village. It is hoped that you and your party members will help us to keep it that way by ensuring that no member of your party causes any disturbance or nuisance in the neighbourhood at any time, particularly at night.


The extent of the centre is limited to the land bounded by the road, the beck and the weir. All other land is private and is to be respected as such.

Smoke Alarms

For your own safety, please test both smoke alarms on your arrival. If they are not working please fit new batteries.


Bed linen is not provided; the pillows must be used ONLY inside a pillow case provided by you. There is a supply of blankets if any of them should become soiled, please leave it in a bag marked ‘soiled’ and contact Sam.


Chapel Stile has a well-stocked Co-Op shop and will take orders, phone 01539437260. If you use this facility or use the shop during your stay please quote our dividend number 84.

Please Note

Toc H accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss, damage or injury sustained by any member of your party during their occupancy of the centre, however caused. The safety and wellbeing of your party is your responsibility during your occupancy of the centre. Any party failing to observe these few simple guidelines will forfeit any future booking at Weirside without any of redress.

Advance Booking

Advanced bookings are recommended. We cannot confirm bookings until deposits have been paid. Deposits are not refundable.


For items concerning the building contact Paul Hackwood on 07738286428 please use the answer phone and your call will be dealt as soon as we return.


Bookings and Payment: contact Julie at the TOC H office: Toc H PO Box 15824, Birmingham, West Midlands, B13 3JU. Tel: 0121 443 3552, Email:

All Cheques in payment of booking are payable to ‘Toc H’.

When payment is made by other than the person making the booking, please ensure that they are aware to whom the cheque is to be made payable.

Enjoy your stay and we hope that you will return.