About Us

Toc H has been in existence for around a hundred years.  The original work of Tubby Clayton began in 1915 with the opening of Talbot House in Poperinge, Belgium during the First World War and the work of open house hospitality that went with it.  We should never underestimate the significance of this activity; welcoming people regardless of rank, creed or colour was countercultural in its time and Tubby offered to the world a way of being human which was inclusive, relational and committed to the good. Toc H’s Royal Charter was granted in 1922 and so we celebrate  the value of Toc H's work in building the good society over the last 100 years. 

Its mode of operation over the last 100 years has been to establish local branches and then match the skills of members to the needs of the local community.

Over the next three years the organisation will develop three primary activities and provide a foundation for others:

  • Neighbourhood Hubs: Toc H's foundation remains its work in neighbourhoods supplemented by work across country.  This will be focussed on neighbourhood hubs funded through social enterprise and aimed at promoting neighbourliness and supporting those in need.   

We will have two national programmes working locally which aim to:

  • Work with Older People to address loneliness and promote good mental health. 

  • Work with Young People to build resilience and good mental health.